Blindfold (destinedfate) wrote,


hello world.

so here is some random post since I haven't talked to so many people in so long... "hello world" is what we needed to output on a computer program back in 9th grade. lately i've taken to watching some 60's movies to see if there is really that much difference between now and then. watch easy rider the other day and realized that the plot was pretty much transient and one of those movies where the lack of substance is supposed to be substance. also watched five easy pieces this morning and kinda related to the nicholson character, dupea.

besides that, i'm still here in san diego even though i had a tempting offer to go back to louisiana. so much for that. i made pumpkin pie yesterday after going to oktoberfest in la mesa. it was a pretty random day where christen and i just jumped the trolley over there, ate some bratwurst and bier and meandered the streets of east county.

i'll be in vegas in 2 weeks to fulfill a few free nights from a time-share spiele. also, the forever-bachelor lance is getting married so there will be a bachelor event too. maybe i'll look up brian and say hello again.

work is exceedingly hectic as my boss is filling the job of his boss (which is vacant) and our specialist moved to oklahoma, leaving yours truly holding the bag. spent a 15 hour day there on thursday, moved offices on friday and have been living on multiple cups of coffee to keep going. 3 years at engineering and i'm seeing why production folks get burned out. dreaming of going to the northeast sooner than later and living out the masters degree hopes. it would be nice to feel cold again (but not for too long).

thanksgiving, i've got a week in nj. maybe i'll get some clarity from cold weather and being home.

things lately have been... unreal.

who's out there listening these days?
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