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1) Would sweetnesfollows be a better ninja or pirate? Pirate!
2) Is iheartpunk0207 a high school student? Nope. She's all growed up.
3) What comic book character would ganz_the_man be? Probably most like the Punisher.
4) Does ichgrollenicht have a crush on santanawoman? Nope.
5) Is szechuan athletic? I would say yes from the little that I know.
6) Does sweetnesfollows go to your school? Nope.
7) Do you have a crush on daynapanda? Nope.
8) What flavor of jello would santanawoman be? Green jello shots.
9) Has laru9281 dyed their hair? Yes, I believe she has.
10) Is skibaer related to sweetnesfollows? Nope.
11) What languages does orangeaquarium speak? English and Espanol
12) Does skibaer smoke? Not at all!
13) Is morphector an emo? I don't believe so.
14) What animal should laru9281 be combined with? Combined with? Stange question... how about a cat.
15) Where was gina_diva born? New Orleans, maybe?
16) Has supertreerat been to your house/dorm? Not my current one, but she's been to the BR place.
17) One quality you find attractive in skibaer? Her smarts.
18) Would you make out with code_define? Nope.
19) What would you do if orangeaquarium died? I would be extremely sad. Losing my neighbor... I don't even want to think about it.
20) Is sweetnesfollows a nerd? Haha, YUP!
21) When did you last call destinednowhere? Last week? I am terrible with the phone.
22) If nanclynnn commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Everyone smart.
23) What animal does bobsinger44 remind you of? A kangaroo. Why not? He's got a kid named Joshua which is close to Joey.
24) What is skibaer's favorite band/artist? No idea but I'd guess maybe John Mayer or DMB.
25) What is szechuan allergic to? gravity.
26) Thoughts on bobsinger44? Cool dude. :-D
27) What is towah79's shoe size? 10
28) What color should piperpit30 dye their hair? RED!
29) How long would morphector dating iheartpunk0207 last? 2 seconds.
30) What would ootbbr think of towah79? Something tells me that she thinks he is cool.
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