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1 April
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Well, i've had plenty of thoughts and conjectures about how the glass looks when it contains a certain fluid. hell, at this point, i could drone on about many useless facts that make up the fluid properties of the water. does that help clarify about me? maybe not, maybe so. i strive for a realm of pleasant reality. enroute, i learned about chemical engineering to apply in industry. currently, i work for a specialty chems company in louisiana and plan to move in a few years to the west coast.

my main purpose for keeping a journal is to keep in touch with my brothers. They totally rock and keep me sane. In order of age from oldest to youngest they are:

since that seems fun, let me make a list of the other players in my journal (in alphabetical order):
applepucker: An ex-co-worker from the science center (2000) and a good friend.
amz2210: Old MPHS fellow musically-inclined friend.
cr3at1ve: Someone i went to school with and hung out with every now and again. she's a smart cookie and totally cool to be around. also has a great sense of humor!
destinednowhere: A wonderful, intelligent woman i met my freshman year of college that is gonna make a super vet! we've been through some thick and thin and are still talking :-D
ganz_the_man: Ahh, the Ganz is a true intellectual with a fine taste for scotch. He's the kinda guy you want at ALL of your parties!
gina_diva: A new friend met through supertreerat. Honest and fun to hang out with.
goodbadugly: Friend of a friend who I've only had a short time to get to know. she is a ton of fun to party with too :-D
ichgrollenicht: Shroooooooomy! A good friend from high school. Met through a passion for music which he is now pursuing.
iheartpunk0207: A fellow ChemE from RPI. She is totally awesome from her intelligence, great personality, and tolerance for my antics in early morning lab classes :-)
jennyxo03: The captain is a very good friend from high school. She is very thoughtful and is gonna be famous someday... so watch out.
laru9281: A friend from high school that has grown somewhat distant but keeps in touch from time to time.
morphector: Another fellow ChemE met through our AIChE affiliations.
mysticsdream: An MPHS friend that never posts :-P
nuphy_pete: Friend that dormed on the same floor freshman year.
orangeaquarium: Across the street neighbor in NJ that i've always had a crush on. heehee. Well, she's the artsy side that, when teamed with justin, can keep me somewhat in check :-)
perception: See destinednowhere
selimslla: Nerak, the great athlete of my friends! She's silly, crazy, one-of-a-kind, greatness. Met in MPHS through music.
sillyraine: RPI humanities major?? they exist? haha, met through class and hung out a few times in school.
skibaer: a "roommate" freshman year and then fellow classmate in math courses. a smart cookie there and a jersey native! (does it get any better?)
sperilimyst: Another LSC ex-co-worker that's kept in touch through the years. The first person to visit me in louisiana too! woohoo.
supertreerat: (Ex)-Baton Rouge native that decided to try running one day. A fun person to hang out with and to get to know.
sweetnesfollows; Kimmmmmyyyyyyy! Met at the A&P actually when I was front-end managing there. Seems funny to even think back that far!
undercoverson: A great, creative person that has a very bright future ahead of her. Met her through orangeaquarium.
worlddark: Another Bray 3 (Freshman dorm) person.

and people i've never met but find their LJ's intriguing:
alexdrovna: Friend of towah79
amicablebitch: Another Louisiana native.
bashful796: Hmmmm.. how did i find this one?
code_define: Hawaiian movie lover!
daynapanda: Friend of santanawoman and a commenting fiend!
naughtyjxx: Don't know how i stumbled across this one...
nocoincidence: A big LSU fan that is NOT from Baton Rouge, rather Destrehan, LA. A fun person to read about, especially her nyc experience.
penguinsangel: New friend of towah79
santanawoman: A very thoughtful person that will always leave nice comments :-)
sourtimesahead: Another louisiana native.
stevedub: may become a running mate?
szechuan: Great writer!

now living in the dirty dirrrty of baton rouge and completely estranged from everything i've ever known. no one here that i know well, no family at all. so i'll venture through the ability to trust, struggling with the freedom vs. relationship dichotomy, and try to keep smiling through it all.

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